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Gift of the Day: Nails That Will Never Chip – The Cut

Good nail art requires a few things. Among them: creative vision, steady hands, multiple polishes, Q-tips at the ready for screwups, and lots of patience.

Created by editorial nail stylist Gracie J (the key nail stylist for Claws), TENX are high-quality press-ons for when you’re home with your parents and bored and need something to do. The Meet Me In L.A. kit features a wavy modular green set with pointy tips. Whether you’re a total novice or experienced, each kit contains everything you need including a buffer, a nail file, a cuticle pusher, extra nails (24, to be exact), and two types of adhesive glue. Plus the nails are reusable.

Production Credits

  • Video by
    Andrew Myers
  • Prop styling by
    Mike Feswick
  • Set assistance by
    Brielle Jenkins